Our Mission

Beacon Charter High School for the Arts develops artistic thinkers by nurturing self-expression while preparing our graduates with the academic skills necessary for sustained post-secondary success.

Founders Academy, an integral part of the Beacon Charter School, provides an academically rigorous curriculum promoting a strong foundation in the areas of math, reading and writing, while introducing students to each of Beacon’s rich arts programs.

The Vision for our High School Graduates

The Beacon Charter High School graduate has the academic knowledge and skills needed to enter college or a career area of study, meeting or exceeding the standards set by the Rhode Island Department of Education. Beacon graduates are accountable, courteous self-advocates equipped to navigate the rest of their life journeys. They take risks and learn from failure and success. Beacon graduates apply creative thinking and problem solving when faced with challenges. Beacon student artists are role models for our middle school students.

Beacon graduates maintain their passion for the arts in some capacity long after graduation, whether they be arts creators, arts consumers or arts supporters. They are creative, resourceful, curious, persistent and take responsibility for their own learning. The transferable skills and perseverance they have gained through their academic and art studies enable them to be adaptive and resilient to the changing world of work and to find personal fulfillment throughout their lives.

Beacon graduates carry forward the culture of acceptance, inclusiveness, empathy, and respect for diversity they have found at Beacon. Graduates are engaged with their communities, helping to shape the future. They are critical consumers of information and effective communicators.

The Vision for our Middle School Graduates

Our middle school graduates are courteous, respectful and responsible students and learners, equipped with high achievement of academic knowledge and skills. They have a strong foundation in math, reading, and writing. They enter Beacon Charter High School for the Arts ready to achieve in a rigorous high school program. Having explored the arts, they transition to high school with an excellent understanding and commitment to the arts discipline they have chosen.